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Systems integration

The FIFA administration will identify triggers of training rewards through the information declared by its member associations and their affiliated clubs in the context of international transfers, domestic transfers and first professional registrations.

Electronic player passport process

After a provisional electronic player passport has been generated in TMS, a review process with the participation of the relevant clubs and member associations will allow FIFA to determine the final version.

An intermediary for payments

For the settlement of amounts included in the final EPP, FIFA established the FIFA Clearing House (FCH) as a separate and fully regulated payment institution based in Paris, France.

Regulations and explanatory notes

The FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) have played a key role in the training and development of players since 2001.


To get an idea of the Training Rewards that you may be entitled to or obliged to pay, you can now visualize an estimate. Please kindly note that this calculation is an estimate and may not represent the full amounts due.


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