Integrity e-Learning

The FIFA Integrity e-Learning Tutorial is aimed at promoting integrity by educating those involved in football about the threat of match manipulation, and thereby protecting the integrity of football matches and competitions worldwide.

The tutorial is open to all individuals directly or indirectly involved in football who wish to learn about integrity, and to understand its importance and its place in football. Equally, the tutorial is also available to all of FIFA’s member associations and the six confederations to be used as support material for their own purposes in the scope of their own integrity initiatives.

The tutorial describes what match manipulation is, how to recognise it, what threats it poses to individuals and football in general, and who is generally behind it. Furthermore, it outlines the regulations that have been put in place by FIFA to combat match manipulation and how to correctly report match manipulation approaches or incidents as well as any other integrity-related misconduct.

Should you have any questions regarding any operational matters of the tutorial, please click on the integrity e-learning link below and the FAQ section at the bottom of the tutorial page.

Last updated: Tuesday, 23 November 2021 at 09:42