Thursday 14 July 2022, 13:00

FIFA publishes Disciplinary and Ethics Report 2021/2022

  • More than 1,000 cases handled by the Disciplinary Committee

  • Full-scale presentation of the independent Ethics Committee’s work

Today, FIFA published the third annual report (2021/2022) on the activities of its independent judicial bodies, the Disciplinary and Ethics Committees, with the aim of promoting transparency and full disclosure in relation to their activities and operations.

FIFA’s Disciplinary and Ethics Report provides detailed statistics on the more than 1,000 cases handled by the Disciplinary Committee alone for this last season, concerning numerous violations, such as football competition regulations, the protection of minors, third-party ownership, match fixing, doping and a large number of cases related to the enforcement of decisions passed by the FIFA Football Tribunal.

The report also contains a full-scale presentation of the work of both chambers of the independent Ethics Committee, whose responsibility is to address potential illegal, immoral or unethical behavior of the individuals engaged in football and to impose the corresponding sanctions when such suspicions or accusations are proven to be founded. It provides key statistics on the types of cases handled by the Ethics Committee, the sources of the claims and the decisions passed.

The report can be accessed here, as well as on