Friday 20 April 2018, 12:55

FIFA holds talks with agents on possible revision of football intermediaries system

FIFA today held a consultative workshop in Zurich on working with intermediaries and agents in football. The Task Force Transfer System, established by the FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee, has identified the topic of agents as a priority in the current review of the transfer system.

The task force is composed of representatives from confederations including UEFA, national associations, the European Club Association, FIFPro and the World League Forum.

Today’s meeting provided an opportunity for the task force, together with the FIFA administration, to engage directly with a group of agents and consult them on possible amendments to the current football intermediaries system.

The objective of such a consultation is to ensure a collaborative and constructive review process and take into consideration the views of the agents based on their first-hand knowledge of the transfer market.

A geographically diverse group of agents was invited to take part in the workshop.

A list of the agents who attended the workshop can be found HERE.

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