Thursday 30 June 2022, 22:00

FIFA Forward supports "once-in-a-century project" for Germany

  • New DFB Campus in Frankfurt am Main inaugurated

  • FIFA provided $3.5 million support as part of FIFA Forward Programme

  • "The newly opened DFB campus creates new opportunities for young female and male players to develop" – Elkhan Mammadov

The German Football Association (DFB) has a new home, with the DFB Campus officially inaugurated on Thursday 30 June 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. The €150 million project will allow administration and sport to flourish together under one roof for the first time, on a site covering 15 hectares. The impressive complex features a number of grass pitches and training areas, as well as an indoor football hall with an artificial pitch, an athletes’ centre, conference and seminar rooms and a futsal / multi-purpose hall. German national team training courses, coaching development, R&D and other elements besides will all contribute to making this benchmark project a place where people meet and exchange opinions.

Some 300 guests from the worlds of sport, politics and finance attended the official opening of the Campus, including Elkhan Mammadov, who is FIFA Director Member Associations Europe. As part of the FIFA Forward Programme, the governing body contributed USD 3.5 million to the overall building costs. "I am pleased to attend the official inauguration ceremony of the DFB Campus today,” said Mammadov.

“I am very impressed by the campus, which includes DFB HQ, medical rooms, technical lab, team accommodations and outdoor/indoor pitches. Congratulations on the completion of the DFB Campus, co-financed by the FIFA Forward Project. "The opening ceremony of such great facilities and infrastructure will certainly contribute to the further development of football in Germany and it is a milestone for the German football family. The newly opened DFB campus creates new opportunities for young female and male players to develop." The net surface area of all levels of the Campus adds up to 49,364.70 square metres. The building has four different storeys, with the "Tactics" wing devoted to administration and the "Sport" wing given over to the DFB Academy. In total, around 700 new jobs will be created to help the DFB carry out its various tasks here.

Right from the very first day when I saw what was under way here, I was impressed. This is a place where we need to work together to play successful football. This is a collective site for the national team, the grass roots and the clubs.

Hansi Flick
Hansi Flick

"Today is an important day for the DFB and for German football as a whole," said a delighted DFB President Bernd Neuendorf. "The construction of the DFB Campus was a once-in-a-century project for the association. Today we are not just inaugurating a new building – with it, we are establishing a culture of solidarity within German football. "The Campus will be where ideas for a positive future for our sport will be developed, which will benefit both the grass roots and the very peak of the game. We look forward to welcoming some very special guests here. [FIFA President] Gianni Infantino has already told me that he will be coming to visit in the near future."

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