Monday 11 March 2019, 13:30

FIFA, member associations and confederations participate in second Regional Integrity Workshop for France 2019

  • Six member associations and two confederations take part in interactive workshop

  • Workshop serves as a standard measure to educate member associations and protect the integrity of FIFA’s competitions

  • Third and final Regional Integrity Workshop to be co-hosted by the Spanish Football Association in March 2019

This week, participants from six member associations and two confederations attended the second Regional Integrity Workshop for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, providing an opportunity to educate integrity officers from across the Americas about integrity measures that will be put in place by FIFA ahead of this summer’s tournament.

In order to safeguard the integrity of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 and in line with the standard procedures and measures in place for other FIFA competitions, FIFA will implement several measures during the competition, including integrity briefings with the appointed referees, a monitoring and control centre on-site throughout the competition, as well as the monitoring of betting markets and in-game action and incidents during all matches played throughout the tournament.

Co-hosted by FIFA and Concacaf in Miami, USA, the Regional Integrity Workshop was led by representatives from Concacaf, CONMEBOL and FIFA and followed on from the first Regional Integrity Workshop that was co-hosted by FIFA and CAF in February 2019.

The workshop included several interactive activities and presentations by member associations and confederations who were present – including presentations by the integrity officers of Concacaf, CONMEBOL and the Chilean Football Association – as well as group discussions and practical exercises that aimed to educate on and prevent situations which might jeopardise the integrity of the game from occurring, such as match manipulation and corruption.

“The second Regional Integrity Workshop ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ provided FIFA with the opportunity to work closely with Concacaf, CONMEBOL and the participating member associations from their regions. One of our key objectives was to share with them the integrity measures, applicable regulations and reporting mechanisms in place aimed at protecting the tournament,” said Vincent Ven, FIFA Head of Integrity.

“We, football administrators and the governing bodies to which we belong, have a responsibility to protect and preserve the integrity of the game. These workshops provide powerful tools to safeguard football and an opportunity to enhance cooperation between Concacaf, our member associations, FIFA and other confederations,” said Concacaf General Secretary Philippe Moggio.

“It is always important to conduct workshops in order to promote integrity in football and show that we share the common goal of ensuring that our players, referees and football stakeholders act with integrity and are aware of our mission to safeguard fair play. I thank FIFA for this opportunity to take part in these workshops and share knowledge and expertise with professionals from other confederations and associations. Lastly, I wish to reiterate CONMEBOL’s work towards and commitment to promoting integrity in football in South America and worldwide,” added CONMEBOL’s Integrity Officer Julio Lansac.

For further information on FIFA’s efforts in the field of integrity in football, head here.