FIFA Accredited Test Institutes for Futsal Floor Surfaces

Laboratory and Field Test Institutes

  • Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV)

Address: Camino de Vera s/n Edificio 9c 46022 Valencia Spain

Contact: Rafael Mengual +34 961111170

  • Labosport France

Address: Technoparc du circuit des 24 heures Chemin aux Boeufs 72100 Le Mans France

Contact: Pascal Marmey +33 (0) 243 470840

  • Labosport Italy

Address: Via Monza, 80 23870 Cernusco Lombardone Lecco, Italy

Contact: Roberto Armeni +39 039 8962684

  • Sports Labs Ltd

Address: 1 Adam Square Brucefield Industrial Park Livingston Scotland EH54 9DE

Contact: Eric O'Donnell +44 (0) 845 6026354


How to Become a Futsal Surface Licensee

As part of the commitment to top-quality futsal playing surfaces, the FIFA Quality Programme includes a licensing scheme for companies that are eligible to obtain certification for their final installations.

FIFA Quality Programme for Futsal Surfaces

Besides 11-a-side football, FIFA is also the governing body for other forms of the game, including futsal. FIFA has developed a Handbook of Test Methods and Requirements for providers wishing to have their futsal surfaces certified.

Futsal Surface Testing Process

As part of a strategy to develop the game and provide guidelines for member associations, a testing protocol has been put in place for futsal surfaces under the FIFA Quality Programme.

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