Floodlights are high-intensity artificial lights that are used at football facilities to ensure playing safety when adequate natural light is unavailable.

With the development of football technologies and television broadcasting in recent years, the demand for high-quality floodlight installations has increased. Ensuring consistent lighting conditions during a match, an even distribution of the light across the pitch and reducing the impact on the environment are key criteria for modern floodlight systems.

The FIFA Quality Programme sets the framework to carry out independent testing services for floodlight systems for competition organisers to ensure that their systems meet the installation and performance requirements. Testing standards are available for floodlight systems designed for football stadiums, training sites, beach soccer arenas and (indoor) futsal courts.

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FIFA Quality Programme for Floodlights

Floodlight systems are used to illuminate the pitch during matches and training sessions. These systems consist of multiple floodlights positioned around the pitch and are designed to provide sufficient and uniform lighting.

How to become a floodlight licensee

As part of the Quality Programme, FIFA offers companies the possibility to certify their floodlight installations to one of the FIFA Quality Programme standards.

Floodlight testing process

Product test reports obtained during the product development phase by the manufacturer are submitted to a FIFA-accredited test institute, who perform a product approval audit.