Wednesday 29 September 2021, 11:00

CAF member associations at Global Integrity Programme

  • Initiative to run from 30 September until 4 November

  • Programme aimed at improving education and integrity capacity-building across FIFA’s member associations

Following the integrity workshops that brought together member associations from the AFC, CONMEBOL and Concacaf regions, FIFA is due to start the fourth edition of its Global Integrity Programme, as the CAF member associations come together for five one-day sessions starting on 30 September.

The meetings, concluding on 4 November, will see integrity and anti-corruption experts from FIFA, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), CAF and other organisations share knowledge and discuss best practices with integrity officers from across Africa. The modules will focus on key topics, including establishing an integrity initiative, reporting mechanisms, competition protection, media strategy, cooperation between stakeholders, best practices and investigations.

In line with FIFA’s overall vision of making football truly global and its ongoing commitment to protecting and promoting the integrity of the game, the FIFA Global Integrity Programme is aimed at improving education and integrity capacity-building in all 211 member associations by sharing advanced know-how and resources with integrity officers. It also reflects the UNODC’s objective of supporting governments and sports organisations in their efforts to safeguard sport from corruption and crime.

FIFA and the UNODC recently celebrated the first anniversary of its fruitful partnership.

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