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Monday 17 September 2018, 10:44

FIFA publishes first-ever report on women’s transfers

For the first time ever, official information on international transfers of female professional players is presented in a new report entitled Women’s Transfers in ITMS. The report is a summary of global transfer activity since 1 January 2018, when the International Transfer Matching System (ITMS) became mandatory for transfers of female professional players.

Key statistics on global transfer activity from 1 January to 1 September 2018:

  • So far, 577 international transfers of professional female players have been completed around the world, with about USD 0.5 million spent on transfer fees

  • 198 clubs and 65 FIFA member associations were actively involved in international transfers, the majority of them in UEFA

  • Players from the USA were involved in almost twice as many transfers as those of any other nationality

  • Trends in transfer streams show where women’s football is more developed and also indicate that transfers tend to be affected by the timing of domestic competitions

“This report helps reflect the reality of the current financial landscape in club football, which is an important part of the overall women’s football environment,” said Emily Shaw, FIFA’s Head of Women's Football Development & Governance. “Transfer activity is so far relatively limited, but this is a normal consequence of the fact that the market for female professional players is still in the early stages of its development. That said, consistent investments from all stakeholders in recent years have contributed to the rapid growth of the women’s game at all levels. There are therefore clear signs that these numbers will only grow in future. In this context, the introduction of ITMS sends a strong message to encourage the further professionalisation of women‘s football.”

The report also includes detailed information on transfer types, the origins and destinations of transfers, and player nationality.

The Women’s Transfers in ITMS report is available for free download at:

The data published in this report is extracted from ITMS, which is used by all 211 FIFA member associations and over 7,500 professional football clubs around the globe for the international transfer of professional football players.