Wednesday 17 June 2020, 13:15

FIFA welcomes findings on governance following publication of third annual ASOIF review on IF governance 

  • The ASOIF taskforce scores FIFA highly in latest report on IF governance

  • FIFA receives moderated score of 180 out of 200

  • FIFA ranked second overall out of 31 IFs and first amongst larger IFs

FIFA has been recognised as one the leading international federations (IFs) in terms of governance following the publication of the third review of International Federation Governance by the ASOIF Governance Taskforce.

Securing a moderated score of 180 (out of 200) following a self-assessment questionnaire and independent evaluation conducted by ASOIF and independent experts, FIFA has been ranked first out of the five largest IFs and second overall out of 31 IFs, which included two categories of international governing bodies with over 120+ staff and over CHF 50 million in annual revenue.

Building on the previous reviews published in 2017 and 2018, the evaluation conducted by the ASOIF Governance Taskforce for 2019-20 took the form of a self-assessment questionnaire with responses being independently moderated and assessed by external sport governance experts.

The questionnaire consisted of 50 measurable indicators covering five principles or sections - Transparency, Integrity, Democracy, Development and Control Mechanisms - with FIFA ranked in the top group (A1) for its governance alongside the five other international federations, who scored 170 or more.

Welcoming the report findings, Dr. Emilio Garcia Silvero, FIFA Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, said:

“The findings of ASOIF’s third annual review on IF governance are an important recognition of the hard work and commitment that the current FIFA administration has shown to implementing the new reforms, as well as best practice, in the field of good governance since 2016. We thank the ASOIF Governance Taskforce and independent experts involved for this recognition and the publication of the third annual governance review.

“With many more initiatives and ongoing developments planned in this area over the coming months, FIFA is committed to ensuring that it is a strong, modern and progressive institution; one that not only provides the right support for all of football and stakeholders but also ensures the growth and development of the sport across all six confederations and 211 member associations around the world.”

To read the complete ASOIF Third Review of International Federation Governance, please click HERE.