Thursday 20 June 2019, 11:25

FIFA Forward keeps fostering Financial Governance within its MAs

  • The second Financial Governance workshop under FIFA Forward 2.0 took place in Lebanon from 11 to 12 June 2019

  • 8 MAs originating from the AFC region attended the interactive gathering including the host

  • The presentations allowed the participants to learn more about Forward 2.0 and its subsequent Financial Governance

  • Similar workshops are expected to take place worldwide in the upcoming months

Last week the members of the FIFA Forward Financial Governance team joined forces with their colleagues from the Dubai Regional Development Office and met with their MAs counterparts during a Financial Governance workshop in Beirut, the largest city of Lebanon. Attended by MAs originating from the AFC region, the event welcomed eight MAs including the host – namely, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The stakeholders were mostly the most senior financial managers from the participating MAs and were introduced to interactive presentations highlighting case studies and group discussions, followed by e-quizzes and bilateral meetings.

"Attending such workshops is extremely helpful for our team, it ensures we keep learning and progressing with our Financial Governance. We also appreciate the support provided by the FIFA Financial Governance team, the insightful presentations and case studies allow us to remain updated and acquire the necessary knowledge to apply the latest Forward 2.0 regulations," shared one of the stakeholders.

The two-day workshop incorporated main topics such as principals of Financial Governance, expectations on Forward 2.0 (reporting requirements) and the team actively listened to the challenges the MAs representatives face in this respect, supporting them by sharing information and providing successful Financial Governance case studies from other MAs worldwide. Following the success of such interactive gatherings, FIFA envisions to organise similar events leading towards more professionalisation, accountability and transparency in the football world.

The members of the FIFA Forward Financial Governance team would like to express their gratitude to the Lebanese Football Association (LFA) for their warm welcome and hospitality throughout the workshop.