Thursday 18 April 2019, 15:08

FIFA Connect: Kuwait focusing on digital player registration

  • A FIFA Connect workshop was recently held at the Kuwait Football Association (KFA)

  • Eight member associations (MAs) from Asia actively participated

  • Workshop focused on improving efficiency, registration systems and managing transfers

A FIFA Connect workshop held at the headquarters of the Kuwait Football Association (KFA) took place on 15 and 16 April 2019 to provide eight member associations from the region (Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine and Syria) with extensive presentations and the necessary knowledge to use the Connect football registration platform.

During the intensive two-day workshop, the participants were trained to use the IT platform, learning about the multiple advantages it can offer so they can get the best possible use out of it. Conducted by Martin Sam and Hannes Thies, FIFA’s representatives for the Connect platform, the presentations highlighted how the registration process can be improved through the platform and how it can secure the football identity of stakeholders and assist them in the digitisation of registration.

The IT system also represents an easy way to help communication by having a central database and offers a sophisticated tool to monitor the progress and development of a federation. On another note, the device allows the MAs to generate income using registration, insurance and participation fees. The platform also allows a better harmonisation of the member association’s IT systems.

Thanks to the Connect platform, registration of players, referees, coaches and officials to manage domestic transfers and loans is now possible. During the presentations, an update on FIFA ID was also provided, which allows the MAs to have a unique identifier for all football stakeholders and provides key real-time statistics.

KFA Secretary General Dr. Mohammad Khalil opened the workshop by welcoming the representatives from various federations and FIFA on behalf of his organisation. He spoke about the importance of implementing FIFA Connect in football and highlighted how organising such workshops is critical to its implementation.

Martin Sam and Hasan Hassan, Development Manager at FIFA’s regional office in Dubai, were present to guide the participants through the presentations and provide them with the necessary information. With practical exercises, the participants were guided through the procedures and advised on how to register players and use the platform.

All participants were enthusiastic and willing to learn about the platform. With the help of the highly-innovative digital tool, players registrations data will play a key role for the development of football in a region where football is more than just a passion.

A few words from our MAs:

Hassan Hachem, Vice-president of the competition committee at the Lebanese Football Association (LFA):

"The workshop was very insightful, valuable and full of excellent information. This was an excellent programme for everyone attending. Lecturers were all understanding, cooperative and able to share their expertise in a user-friendly way."

Zeyad Hamid, International Relations Manager, TMS Manager, Iraq Football Association (IFA)

"In the new era of development adopted by FIFA, it is a great opportunity for us to take part in such an important workshop to enhance our association’s productivity and to be part of these kind of huge projects. To digitalise football worldwide and connect the member associations using this unified platform will be one of our priorities from now on."