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Wednesday 28 November 2018, 12:32

New FIFA Regional Development Office opens in Johannesburg

  • Johannesburg becomes second fully operational FIFA regional development office in Africa

  • Member associations from COSAFA attend FIFA workshop in Johannesburg on new FIFA Forward 2.0 regulations

  • New FIFA regional development office providing on-the-ground support to member associations across Africa

In a major step forward for the development of football in Africa, FIFA has announced the official opening of its second regional development office on the African continent today following the official inauguration of a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In line with FIFA 2.0 and its ongoing commitment to promoting and growing football around the world, the new regional development office in Johannesburg is providing dedicated assistance and support to member associations in the successful delivery of the FIFA Forward programme in Africa.

Inaugurated today (Wednesday 28 November) during a special ceremony attended by member associations from across Africa, the FIFA regional development office in Johannesburg is staffed by a dedicated and experienced team of full-time development officers that work closely with 14 member associations from the COSAFA region.

Speaking at today’s inauguration, Joyce Cook, FIFA Chief Member Associations Officer, said:

“As the second fully operational FIFA regional development office in Africa, Johannesburg is a key addition to FIFA’s international network of regional development offices. This new office is providing day-to-day and local support in the COSAFA region as FIFA aims to work ever more closely alongside our member associations in our shared commitment to develop football globally.

“The FIFA Forward development programme is the flagship of our President, Gianni Infantino. FIFA Forward is already having a real and lasting impact in growing the game and ensuring that it is more accessible and inclusive to all than ever before. By 2022, FIFA will have invested almost USD 3 billion in football development globally through the FIFA Forward programme.”

“This new office forms part of our expanding global network of regional development offices and is one of 3 dedicated regional development offices located across Africa. Each regional office is providing hands-on local support to help develop and inspire a new generation of footballing talent.”

Johannesburg hosts FIFA Forward Regulations workshop for COSAFA MAs Alongside the inauguration, the new regional development office in Johannesburg also hosted a dedicated workshop this week to advise member associations from COSAFA about the new FIFA Forward 2.0 regulations, following approval by the FIFA Council in Kigali, Rwanda last month.

The workshop - one of 13 taking place around the world this month - provided an important opportunity for member associations to understand the benefits and measures introduced within the updated Forward 2.0 regulations, as well as learning about the statutory obligations and funding controls FIFA has put in place to ensure transparency and the proper use of development funds distributed through FIFA Forward.

Speaking on the workshop, Véron Mosengo-Omba, FIFA Development Director for the Caribbean and Africa Region, said:

“Hosted by our regional development team, this week’s workshop has provided another important opportunity to engage and understand the various needs of our member associations in COSAFA, as well as advising them about the enhanced measures that FIFA has put in place to ensure transparency and the proper use of development funds distributed through FIFA Forward.

“Following its introduction in May 2016, FIFA Forward continues to go from strength to strength and we look forward to seeing the programme continuing to play a key role in the growth and future development of football in Africa and member associations in the region.”

The Johannesburg office is one of ten regional development office to be opened by FIFA since the creation of the Forward programme in 2016.

Other FIFA regional development offices already established in India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Senegal, Barbados, and the United Arab Emirates with Ethiopia opening in January.