Wednesday 29 June 2022, 12:30

Gianni Infantino discusses football development with head of Comoros federation

  • Artificial pitches and renovation of training centre are among key projects in Comoros

  • Comoros national team made their AFCON finals debut this year

  • FIFA a key partner for the Comoros federation

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has met his Comoros counterpart, Said Ali Said Athouman, to discuss football development in the country which provided one of the biggest upsets in CAF Africa Nations Cup history by reaching the Round of 16 earlier this year. "We spoke about football: football in Comoros and football in Africa," said Mr Athouman after meeting the FIFA President in Paris. "We spoke about the development of football, about how to mobilise more resources, and, ultimately, what reforms should be set in motion. So, we had a good discussion about a number of topics."

Aerial view of Grande-Terre & Iles Choazil, Mayotte, Comoros Islands

Mr Athouman, the President of the Comoros Football Federation (FFC), also spoke about some of the work being undertaken by the FFC, much of it in partnership with FIFA. “We already (have) infrastructure projects that are in the process of being implemented. We have artificial pitches and we are in the process of renovating and setting up a training centre, an academy. So, even in terms of training, there are projects that will be set up," he said. "For instance, whether it be infrastructure or training, these are domains in which we regularly receive support from FIFA, but we still have a lot of projects in these areas.

FIFA developing the game on the Comoros Islands

"I have to mention that most, or the vast majority of our activity, takes place thanks to, and is notably financed by FIFA and the FIFA Forward Programme. So, FIFA is a key partner for us." The Comoros men’s national team, nicknamed the Coelacanths, made their debut at this year's AFCON finals in Cameroon and surpassed expectations by reaching the last 16, beating former champions Ghana on the way.