Monday 27 May 2024, 15:25

FIFA clarifies context and substance of exchange with Union of European Clubs

FIFA wishes to clarify the context and substance of a ‘meeting’ between FIFA staff members and individuals from the Union of European Clubs (UEC) last week. This exchange was in no way a formal engagement of any official standing, and rather was one of circumstance to address general questions regarding the operations of the FIFA Clearing House. FIFA regrets and rejects any indication that it was anything otherwise. FIFA would like to take this opportunity to state for the record that it recognises only one single interlocutor and counterpart representative body for club football in Europe, that being the European Club Association. FIFA will continue to collaborate closely with our counterparts at ECA to ensure that the views and feedback of the clubs are properly taken into account in order to continue to improve the efficiency of the operation and implementation of the FIFA Clearing House.