Thursday 22 December 2022, 16:00

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ introduces new broadcast fan experience features

  • Innovative features in broadcast technology provided to global broadcasters

  • Fans engaged with the match coverage and beyond through new means

  • Digital first production created unique World Cup experience that caters for the consumption of younger fans

FIFA worked with the world's top broadcasters to create new ways for fans to consume FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. FIFA has a long history of world-class broadcast production, as well as a commitment to utilise emerging technologies to engage and attract new audiences to the world’s game. This year’s tournament presented an unmissable opportunity to showcase cutting edge technology at the service of football.

Argentina v Saudi Arabia: Group C - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

“The FIFA World Cup is the greatest show on Earth and we want fans at home to experience the magic of the tournament in a unique way,” said Romy Gai, FIFA Chief Business Officer. “The eyes of the world are always on this showpiece event but it is important that we are continuously evolving our product to enhance the TV viewing experience and to develop engaging content for new digital channels, to ensure the game continues to grow and connect with fans from all corners of the globe.” In order to remain at the forefront of sports broadcasting, a range of digital products were introduced, in collaboration with the FIFA World Cup’s 342 Media Rights Licensees (MRLs), to get the viewer closer to the game than ever before.

New technologies and productions designed to be consumed via various devices were the solutions that FIFA proposed to its broadcasters to appeal to generations who want to engage with the game through new means. For the first time at a FIFA World Cup™, social media content in vertical format was captured via mobile phone and distributed to broadcasters to use in their coverage. Content creators captured key moments of the match for immediate distribution with ‘near-live’ clips giving audiences an experience of proximity and authenticity. Additional content – whether that be open training or press conferences - was also made available to distribute on social media platforms. In order to bring the action into fans’ homes, an Augmented Reality app was developed by FIFA, offering viewers immersive content through mobile devices, transforming living rooms into a 3D data centre, without cutting off the fan from their surroundings. New tracking data means fans could get insight into a specific player or team to get stats and in-depth analysis of their performance, in real time.

Fan Festival Official Opening - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

In addition, to support MRLs in integrating content into their multimedia platforms, such as mobile phone apps, Smart TV apps or web-based experiences, FIFA developed services to populate front ends, such as Video On Demand (VOD) clips, near-live multi-angle clips or near-live statistics. These products were tailored to enable FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’s MRLs to own the fan experience within their territories, across all screens, on all devices, and on key social platforms. “FIFA is continuously working on the evolution of its TV product by seeking out new forms of consumption that can add to the fan experience at home for FIFA events,” added Gai. “Digital technologies have changed consumption habits, with fans now able to access live matches wherever and whenever they want through different devices. Viewers are becoming increasingly active and less passive in how they consume content and in the future will have the option to choose how to enjoy an event like the FIFA World Cup – whether that be via livestreaming solutions more suited to Virtual Reality or through gaming and the possibilities the metaverse will bring. It may even be that home viewers can choose to bring the stadium into their living room, virtually sitting next to their favourite player or commentator as they enjoy everything the game has to offer.”