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Saturday 19 April 2008, 16:53

German President named patron of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011

Following the example of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany is to act as patron of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011.

As the situation regarding an extension to his term of office has yet to be clarified, current incumbent Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler said "the Federal President" would act as patron of the event, but expressed a wish for his name not to be mentioned in the context at this stage.

However, writing to DFB President Dr. Theo Zwanziger, he made this pledge: "Although in principle I do not accept patronage of events which lie beyond the Federal President's current term of office, the Women's World Cup is so important for our country that I am happy to make an exception in this case."

Dr. Zwanziger responded with delight: "We are honoured that the German head of state will definitely act as patron of the Women's World Cup 2011."