Saturday 22 June 2019, 14:06

What France-Brazil means to Les Bleues

By Emma Hingant with France

France-Brazil. Putting those two words together in the same sentence brings memories rushing back for fans of any national team. Memories of legendary players, of classic matches from several different eras, and iconic images that resonate to this day. As Zinedine Zidane himself explained to "Brazil has always been part of my life."

This mouth-watering fixture is now set to play out at the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™ – and the hosts are dreaming of a similar outcome to the day their male counterparts defeated Brazil on French soil in 1998 to lift the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy.

On the eve of their round of 16 meeting with A Seleçao, we asked Les Bleues to sum up what France-Brazil means to them.

Amandine Henry, midfielder and captain The Brazil women's team have a good football culture – it's in their genes. France-Brazil is an eye-catching fixture. We need to make sure we're just as eye-catching on the pitch tomorrow. As a supporter, France 1998 is a very fond memory for me. I think I watched the Final at home and then went to celebrate with the children next door. It's a wonderful memory as a fan, but I also want to have a very positive memory of this fixture as a player.

Griedge Mbock Bathy, defender We're all thinking back to France-Brazil games, both in men's and women's football. Obviously, playing against Brazil brings back a lot of memories. We've already faced them and we know they're a team with huge potential and great players. They've performed well at this tournament and it's an attractive fixture. Marta is a truly great player and she's been named player of the year on numerous occasions. She's a very tough opponent.

Viviane Asseyi, forward When people say "France-Brazil" to me, I think about 1998, which is what made me want to become a footballer in the first place. That's what it means to me. Now, 21 years later, people say "France-Brazil" to me and I'm the one who'll be playing. It's a fantastic fixture.

Aissatou Tounkara, defender For me, France-Brazil makes me think about 1998 and France's victory in the World Cup Final. We know that France-Brazil is always a special game for French people. We're lucky enough to have a really exciting fixture in the round of 16.

Eugenie Le Sommer, forward France-Brazil conjures up football itself, for me. It's a dream fixture for every football fan. It makes me think about the 1998 World Cup Final, won by France's men's team. Those were great moments which we got to experience across the country and they remain etched in your mind. They were wonderful moments for everyone, great memories.

Corinne Diacre, coach It's not a legendary match from the past - it's a World Cup round of 16 tie.


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