Saturday 08 June 2019, 10:16

Win an amazing prize by virtually strolling around the Parc des Princes

Were you at the Parc des Princes in Paris for the opening game of the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™ on 7 June? In case you were unaware, a 360º Fan Pic was taken before kick-off, capturing the entire stadium in astonishing detail.

Curious to see how you turned out in our snap? Then scroll on through and take a look!

Whether you were in the stadium or not: thanks to Qatar Airways, you could be in the Parc des Princes for the quarterfinals on 24. June! Participate in the treasure hunt and get the chance to win two tickets for the match, including two business-class flights and accommodation.

What is a 360º Fan Pic?

A 360º photograph captures a 360-degree perspective, allowing you to seemingly turn inside the photo and feel as if you were at the venue itself having a look around.

What can I do if I was at the stadium?

You can take a virtual stroll around the stadium, zoom in, tag and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. On top of that, you could also win two tickets to the France 2019 quarter-final in Paris, as well as two business-class flights.

How can I win?

Once you find and tag yourself on the 360º Fan Pic, you can get involved in a virtual treasure hunt. A digital Qatar Airways Crew stewardess is hidden somewhere in the stadium and once you find her, you can register to take part in the competition.

What if I was not at the stadium?

You were unable to be there in person? Then the 360º Fan Pic offers you the chance to sample the atmosphere at the packed-out Parc des Princes stadium. You can take a look around the arena and, using Facebook and Twitter, place a picture of yourself on the stadium's big screen that can then be shared with your friends on social media. On top of that, you could also be part of the virtual treasure hunt.