Sunday 24 February 2019, 18:34

FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour kicks off in Paris

Today the global FIFA Women's World Cup™ Trophy Tour kicked off in Paris, France, with FIFA Legends Kristine Lilly and Laura Georges sending the trophy off on its whirlwind world tour.

Following today’s launch, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Original Trophy will first travel to Jamaica, Chile and Argentina before continuing its tour of all 24 participating member associations across six continents, giving fans a rare opportunity to see this coveted prize up close.

Also present in Paris today were President of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Steve Reed and General Secretary CSA Peter Montopoli who were part of the Canadian Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™ and who took part in a symbolic handover of the hosting reigns to the LOC France, represented by French Football Federation and LOC Vice-President Brigitte Henriques.

FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy Tour

Canada 2015, the seventh edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, was record breaking with 750 million TV viewers watching the competition, and it also marked a decisive change in how women’s football is perceived by the public, setting a dynamic tone for the game which has continued to grow over the last four years.

The global FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour will see various members of the FIFA Legends Squad join the trophy at several stops throughout the tour, which will last for more than two months and conclude in Paris on 2 May.

Designed by William Sawaya and handcrafted by Milanese specialists Sawaya & Moroni for the 1999 tournament, the trophy captures the athleticism, dynamism and elegance of international women’s football. The names of all previous FIFA Women’s World Cup™ winners are engraved underneath its base.

Full FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour schedule:

  • 24 February: Kick-Off in Paris, France

  • 3 March: Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • 7 March: Santiago, Chile

  • 9 March: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 11 March: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 13 March: Miami, USA

  • 15 March: San Francisco, USA

  • 18 March: Los Angeles, USA

  • 22 March: Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • 24 March: Tokyo, Japan

  • 27 March: Shanghai, China

  • 29 March: Bangkok, Thailand

  • 31 March: Sydney, Australia

  • 4 April: Auckland, New Zealand

  • 6 April: Stockholm, Sweden

  • 7 April: Durban, South Africa

  • 9 April: Yaounde, Cameroon

  • 11 April: Abuja, Nigeria

  • 13 April: Oslo, Norway

  • 14 April: Dortmund, Germany

  • 15 April: Coverciano, Italy

  • 23 April: London, England

  • 23 April: Brighton, England

  • 25 April: Edinburgh, Scotland

  • 27 April: The Netherlands

  • 29 April: Madrid, Spain

  • 30 April: Toronto, Canada

  • 2 May: Paris, France