Saturday 10 June 2023, 10:30

A symbolic prelude to glory

  • The FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy arrives at Stadium Australia

  • Trophy Tour event attended by former Matilda Leigh Wardell

  • Its next visit to the stadium will be on 20 August, to be lifted by the 2023 champions

As the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ draws closer, the Trophy Tour arrived at the iconic Stadium Australia in Sydney on Friday, 9 June. The event was a prelude to the grand finale when the original trophy will return as the 2023 world champions are crowned on 20 August. Leigh Wardell, Matildas cap number 11, had the honour of unveiling the gleaming FIFA Women's World Cup trophy to a palpable buzz, in front of a crowd of inspiring women gathered for a leadership event.

FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy at Stadium Australia

"I definitely know whose hands I want around it,” smiled Wardell. “Whether that happens or not is going to be the exciting bit over the next two months. "In just 41 days, this venue will be packed with football fans as the Matildas kick-off their World Cup campaign against the Republic of Ireland,” said the Hon. Stephen Kamper, NSW Minister for Sport. “I really don't think everyone has truly appreciated how big this event is going to be. How big it's going to be for women's football, and for women's sport in general."

Hon. Stephen Kamper, NSW Minister for Sport

With every passing second, the momentum builds towards the defining moment: the conclusion of 64 matches across both Australia, and New Zealand. Stadium Australia will be where dreams will be realised, and destinies fulfilled, as the winning captain lifts the trophy to the heavens. "I know we still talk about the 2000 Olympics ... and we say how fantastic that was, but I'm hoping that in 5, 10, 20 years' time we can turn around and say what an amazing World Cup we had in (Australia) in 2023," reflected Wardell, envisioning the legacy the tournament will leave behind.

Leigh Wardell, former Matildas international

“It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. I cannot wait to be here to witness that glorious moment. Nobody wants to miss that. It will truly be history in the making,” said event host and Beyond Greatness Champion, Mel Mclaughlin. The Trophy Tour will continue on its journey through Australia and New Zealand, following its already exhaustive tour of the other thirty qualified nations.

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