Tuesday 18 February 2020, 11:08


Ahmedabad is the fifth-most populous city in India and largest in state of Gujarat. Located on the banks of Sabarmati river, Old Ahmedabad was declared as India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City.

The city also played an important role in India’s freedom struggle and Mahatma Gandhi established two ashrams – Kochrab Ashram and the world famous Sabarmati Ashram - on the banks of the river. Gandhi also started his salt satyagraha from Ahmedabad.

Traces of Persian architecture along with modern designs built by the likes of Louis Khan, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright can be seen all along the city.

Some of the other places to visit include Kankaria Lake which was built in 1451 AD and other man-made lakes like Chandola Lake, which is also home to cormorants, painted storks and spoonbills.

For car enthusiasts, the city boasts of the world’s largest collection of antique cars in KathWada at IB Farm.