Thursday 31 March 2016, 07:00

FIFA Statement on latest Amnesty International Report on Qatar

As mentioned following a previous report by Amnesty International on migrant workers in Qatar published in December 2015, FIFA is fully aware of the risks facing construction workers in Qatar and of the opportunity that FIFA, together with other stakeholders, has to facilitate the improvement of working conditions in the country. We remain convinced that the unique attraction and visibility of the FIFA World Cup™ globally is a strong catalyst for significant change.

Since 2011, FIFA has met with key stakeholders, including Amnesty International, to discuss the best way forward to achieve consistent and sustained implementation of fair working conditions on FIFA World Cup construction sites as quickly as possible.

This is an ongoing process. Challenges remain, but FIFA is confident that the structures and processes set-up so far by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, which is the entity responsible for the delivery of FIFA World Cup infrastructure, provide a good basis to monitor labour rights of migrant workers on FIFA World Cup stadium construction sites. These processes include the Workers’ Welfare Standards in place since 2014, a compliance check for all tenderers, regular reporting that is publically available and a four-tier system of auditing. This approach and these measures have been discussed with the key stakeholders, including Amnesty International.

Furthermore, FIFA will continue to urge the competent governmental authorities in Qatar and other stakeholders to also take action and ensure that such standards become the benchmark for construction projects in Qatar.

“We are fully aware of the risks facing construction workers in Qatar and we are confident that the measures taken by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy are the appropriate ones and have already improved the situation for migrant workers working on FIFA World Cup construction sites,” said FIFA Head of Sustainability Federico Addiechi. “We closely monitor developments and address issues through our regular contact with the Supreme Committee. We have also met with a number of key stakeholders to discuss the best way forward. Of course many challenges remain, but we are on the right track and committed to continue improving, to further contribute to the protection of workers’ rights at the FIFA World Cup stadium projects.”

Background:FIFA was recently informed by Amnesty International about the outcomes of the investigations that took place from February to May 2015, into the working conditions at the Khalifa International Stadium and the green spaces in the surrounding Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar. FIFA responded to Amnesty International and the Supreme Committee also provided a written response with details on the actions taken since Amnesty International’s investigations last year.

For further information concerning FIFA’s approach to human rights, please see our factsheet on this matter.