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Established: 1686 Population: 2,382,000

Located on the eastern coast of Qatar, the country’s capital was named Doha after the Arabic term 'dohat' meaning "roundness" — a reference to the rounded bays surrounding the area's coastline. It is a vital commercial centre and is home to an array of modern landmarks, government departments, ministries, financial and business organisations, as well as the new port and airport that link it to the outside world.

Doha combines civilisation and tradition and is known for its many mosques, towers and forts, such as the Doha Fort and Barzan Towers. In addition to its historical sites, Doha boasts high-quality infrastructure, impressive high-rise buildings in the city centre and a choice of modern malls.

Doha has hosted many international sporting events in recent years. In 2006 it staged the Asian Games, before hosting the AFC Asian Cup in 2011. The city has many world-class sporting facilities, including six FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ venues, making it an attractive destination for the world’s leading sportspeople.