Thursday 19 April 2018, 15:53

FIFA welcomes Fan Movement

The worldwide popularity of football brings people together, whether in celebration or in disappointment, allowing them to experience the colourful range of human emotions. It’s in this spirit that FIFA has launched the Fan Movement.

The Fan Movement is focused on supporting and celebrating fans’ deep connection to football by providing them with the information and entertainment they desire, both on and off the pitch. Our aim is to connect fans, aid them, and thrill them all through the many facets of football.

Welcome to the Movement FIFA has run initiatives in the past, such as the Fan Focus Group, which brought the voice of the fans into the organisation to get a real understanding of their wants and needs.

In 2018, FIFA is taking this a step further by creating a Fan Movement. In 44 countries across the globe, FIFA will be supporting groups of fans, who will use their own social media accounts to talk about the beautiful game, supporting their national team, and engaging in conversations around everything that matters in football - from grassroots to the FIFA World Cup™ Final.

Although this initiative is beginning in a World Cup year, it will continue to live and breathe beyond 2018. There are many topics and key dates that fans will be able to unite around, from domestic leagues to global youth and e-sports tournaments.

Member selection Each member of the Fan Movement will be recruited following three steps:

  • Identification of potential micro-influencers on social media

  • Approaching the fans and getting their general interest and consent to pursue

  • Conducting an interview to find out more about the fans' interest in football

The most passionate and engaged fans will receive an invitation to become a Member of the Fan Movement in their respective country.

Recognition In order to recognise the continuous efforts of the Members, FIFA will provide them with rewards. Such rewards may include tangible and non-tangible items, all connected to football.

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