Wednesday 11 July 2018, 16:27

Fantasy Round 7 Preview: The final push

  • ​You can make 5 free transfers before the last two matches

  • You can now pick 8 players per country

  • The deadline is 16:00 CET on Saturday


16:00 CET on Saturday. If you haven't yet registered, you can still play McDonald’s FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy and create private leagues to compete with your friends. How To Play


  • You can make 5 free transfers before Saturday's deadline.

  • You can now pick 8 players from each country.


You can make unlimited transfers for one round. If you haven’t already, use it in Round 7.


Bench Boost For one round, all 15 of your players – rather than just 11 – will score you points.

Maximum Captain In one of the seven rounds, you can play your Maximum Captain. In that round, you don’t select a captain. Instead, whichever of your 11 players scores the highest points delivers double for you.

Note: You cannot use your Bench Boost and Maximum Captain in the same round. So if you have them both remaining, consider which is best to play in Round 7.


Saturday Belgium-England

Sunday France-Croatia


Round 7 takes place over only two days. Only the player who finishes the round as your captain scores double points. So, make sure that you have a player in action on Saturday in your armband. If he does well, you probably want to stick with him, but if he doesn’t, you can select a new captain up until the kick-off in the Final.