Friday 06 July 2018, 21:59

Fantasy Round 6 Preview: Boosters & 5 Free Transfers

  • You can make 5 free transfers before the semi-finals

  • You can now pick 6 players per country

  • The deadline is 20:00 CET on Tuesday


20:00 CET on Tuesday. If you haven't yet registered, you can still play McDonald’s FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy and create private leagues to compete with your friends. How To Play


  • You can make 5 free transfers before Tuesday's deadline.

  • You can now pick 6 players from each country.

Picking players who advance through the knockout rounds is advantageous. You get five free transfers ahead of Round 7, so to have a full squad out, you'll need ten of your 15 semi-final players to make it through. Unless, of course, you still have your Wildcard.

Number of free transfers you get before each round: 5 free transfers before Round 6 (semi-finals) 5 free transfers before Round 7 (third-place playoff & Final) Additional transfers cost you four points each.


You can make unlimited transfers for one round. If you haven’t already used it, consider whether it's best to use it in Round 6 or Round 7.


Bench Boost For one round, all 15 of your players – rather than just 11 – will score you points. So you need to try and play it when you’ll have as many of your squad playing as possible. Does your 15 for Round 6 look strong?

Maximum Captain In one of the seven rounds, you can play your Maximum Captain. In that round, you don’t select a captain. Instead, whichever of your 11 players scores the highest points delivers double for you.

Note: You cannot use your Bench Boost and Maximum Captain in the same round. So if you have them both remaining, make sure to activate one before the Round .


Tuesday France-Belgium (Live Blog)

Wednesday Croatia-England (Live Blog)


Round 6 takes place over only two days. Only the player who finishes the round as your captain scores double points. So, make sure that you have a player in action on Tuesday in your armband. If he does well, you probably want to stick with him, but if he doesn’t, you can select a new captain before 20:00 CET on Wednesday.