Friday 06 April 2018, 15:31

Ticket Availability

The availability chart indicates the availability of Tickets for a Ticket Product/Category, at a particular point in time.

The colours of each combination of Ticket Product/Category indicate the availability at that time, and therefore an indication of the probability of a successful Ticket Application.

Please note that the colours and explanations given by FIFA are mere indications of the probability of a successful application which are designed to inform customers on the current sales/demand status. The colours and explanations are BY NO MEANS A GUARANTEE that a chosen Ticket Product is or is not available at the time of the application or that your application will be successful. In any case, a successful application requires full payment and due to many factors, such as the possibility of simultaneously submitted Ticket Applications by other customers or simultaneously released Tickets, the availability and demand situation is reflected only for the time of your access and may change at any point of time thereafter.