Thursday 03 August 2017, 13:50

Tardelli’s scream still echoing

  • Tardelli – fists pumping, head shaking wildly – provided a legendary scream

  • He compared it to a near-death experience

  • 'I was born with that scream inside me'

Marco Tardelli’s goal in the 1982 FIFA World Cup™ Final is a strike well worth remembering.

Yet for all the brilliance displayed in the intricate build-up and in the midfielder’s emphatic, unstoppable left-foot finish, it is his reaction that has proved most enduring.

Every football fan will be able to picture the run on which a tearful Tardelli – fists pumping, head shaking wildly – embarked after putting Italy 2-0 up against West Germany.

The unrehearsed, unadulterated joy on display has established it as one of the most memorable and beloved celebrations in football history, and ensured its place in World Cup folklore.

The scorer’s manic shouts of "Gol! Gol!" even earned the celebration a name of its own: 'L'urlo di Tardelli', or ‘the Tardelli scream’. “I was born with that scream inside me,” Tardelli would later reflect. “That was just the moment it came out."

For the Italy and Juventus star, that moment signalled the reaching of “a summit”, and an immediate realisation of its profound significance. The emotions that followed were, as a result, all but inevitable.

“It’s a bit like when they say you’re going to die and you see your own life,” he explained. “I returned to see when I began to play football as a child.

“The joy of scoring in a World Cup final was immense, something I dreamed about as a kid. My celebration was a release after realising that dream.”

Did you know? Tardelli's No14 shirt from that World Cup takes pride of place in the FIFA World Football Museum's Spain 1982 showpiece.