Tuesday 18 October 2016, 10:01

Chung: Korea 2017 will engage people of all ages, nationalities

The FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017 Local Organising Committee (LOC) have discussed the on-going tournament preparations at KFA House under the name of 'For the Better Future of Korean Football'.

LOC chairman Chung Monggyu, executive vice-chairman Kwak Youngjin, vice-chairman Cha Bumkun, and Secretary General Kim Dongdae all attended the event. The LOC discussed progress so far and future plans, including volunteer recruitment and ticket launching as of the halfway point between the establishment of the committee last March and kick-off next May.

In beginning the briefing, Chung described FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017 as "the first FIFA U-20 World Cup ever in Korea, which will guide Korean football in the higher tier after 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan"

Chung, who also served as a head of the South Korean delegation during the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016, said: "l hope the tournament will trigger people's fever and will flow into them being engaged with Pyeongchang 2018 ." Further, he heralded next year’s tournament as set to establish a good precedent of 'economic and self-sufficient', low-cost, high-efficiency competition models by making use of existing infrastructure and experience.

The chairman added: "We arranged the FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017 to act as a culture- and tourism-friendly World Cup which engages people regardless of nationality and age in the stadia.”

Vice-chairman Kwak addressed the up-coming opening of the volunteer recruitment programme, saying: "We will begin a new wave of volunteer culture by engaging not only students, but also the whole nation, including workers and retirees.”

Speaking on spectator participation, Kwak added: "The LOC will coordinate with supporters for each participating team, in connection with the embassies and related organizations of nations to attract the public to the venues.”

Chairman Chung rounded off by calling on the public and media to pay greater attention to the tournament: "The FIFA U-20 World Cup will be the biggest FIFA tournament ever to be held solely on Korean soil. Today marks 214 days before it opens and the LOC will devote its might in preparing the tournament on every single one of those days."

As a part of the tournament operating plan, the LOC will launch both the volunteer recruitment programme and the venue package tickets on 1 November, which marks 200 days before the tournament kicks off.