Thursday 01 June 2017, 07:45

Bleached hair and body art in Korea Republic

“Why did I point to my tattoo? This tattoo is a small symbol that represents me, my father and my mother all together,” Bruno Costa told “It's just because I wanted to say hello to my parents and tell them that I miss them. I dedicated my goal to them.”

Minutes earlier, having scored Portugal’s second goal on the road to knocking out FIFA U-20 World Cup host Korea Republic, Costa had emphatically pointed to is upper forearm as he charged towards the camera, wanting to share his moment with those thousands of miles away.

Not every tattoo at the tournament will be as poignant as the Portuguese’s, with staying fashionable when your clothes are dictated to you long since opting for inked skin.

Hair has always been the long-standing bastion of the football fashionista, with Korea Republic 2017 having more than its fair share of eye-catching styles. One belonging to the home fans’ most cherished starlet. "I change my hairstyle ahead of any major tournament and this one was no exception," Lee Seungwoo explained to

"The initials SW that are visible in my sideburns represent not only my name, but also my desire to achieve six wins and progress to the final, which is to be held in my hometown of Suwon."

While his prediction may not have been up to scratch, Lee had plenty of company when it came to the more expressive players at the tournament. Look through our photo gallery to see some of the best.