Saturday 28 August 2021, 17:00

The Week in Quotes

“Alex Ferguson pulled me in many times and said, ‘How many drinks did you have?’ And obviously I’d lie to him. I would say, maybe, ‘Ten, 11 bottles’. And he’d be like, (raised voice) ´Ten or 11 bottles. What are you thinking?’ I was thinking, ‘If I told you the truth!’” (laughs) Roy Keane [The Overlap]

"I wish he was the Spain coach. I'd love it, it would be perfect. I'd love to see our national team with his stamp on them. I don't think Spain could have a better coach." Luis Enrique on the prospect of Pep Guardiola becoming Spain coach “Today I was running around an athletics track and struggling to imagine I would be here at this point in my career. My kids are at an age where they understand. Especially Archie, who’s nine. He’s saying, ‘What about the MLS?’ or ‘Why aren’t you playing in La Liga?’ And it is difficult to explain to him. He’ll say to me, ‘How come no club wants you?’ I don’t know. But how do I explain that to him? When I go out, people recognise me. The most difficult part is trying to explain when they ask, ‘Well, why don’t you just sign for a club in England?’ I’m like, ‘Well, no-one wants me’, and they can’t really get their head around it.” Jack Wilshere on his failure to find a new club [The Athletic]

“If you like that sort of thing, watch wrestling.” Jurgen Klopp on Burnley´s performance against Liverpool “When none of us had any food, we would ask strangers in the streets. You really had to be desperate to do that, but we were so hungry, man. The problem was that people were afraid of us. Think about it: You’ve just played football, you’re dirty and sweaty, maybe you’ve got a few scars and bruises too. They thought we wanted to rob them, you know? It was really sad, because we just wanted to taste food. A biscuit, a piece of bread … anything.” Raphinha on growing up in a favela [The Players´Tribune]

“The next step will be to coach a national team, if there is the opportunity. After seven years at this club, I think I'm going to have a break. I will need to rest after being somewhere so many years, and also stop to evaluate what we've done and to try to learn from other coaches. If, during this process of stopping, there is a chance to coach a national team then I think I'd like that. I'd like to coach at a European Championship or Copa America or World Cup.” Pep Guardiola “Do you know of any coach that is completely satisfied with his squad? Maybe Pochettino.” Jose Mourinho on whether he’s satisfied with Roma’s squad

“It was really painful for us and it still is. There are days when I go to bed and I keep thinking that it could have been different. But my aim is to keep playing for a long time. Obviously I won’t guarantee you that I’ll be in the national team, because I don’t call myself up, but I’ll constantly prepare myself so that, if the opportunity arises, I’ll be ready to serve the Seleção.” Marta on Brazil’s Olympic exit and her future [XP Investimentos]