Saturday 07 August 2021, 21:30

Brazilians react to winning Olympic gold

  • Brazilians react to winning Olympic football gold medals

  • Richarlison had a message for his good friend Neymar

  • Daniel Alves and Matheus Cunha were emotional

“Neymar, are you watching? You told me to get the No10, I did, and now I have a gold medal. Now you’ll have to put up with me, brother! Did I finish as top scorer? Man, now it’s double the happiness.” Richarlison

“To be an Olympic athlete, to be here representing my country, the north-east, everyone who’s been with me… it’s hard to explain. Just to be an Olympian is amazing, but to emerge on top of the podium is something else. We had to fight so hard to put the Olympic gold medal on our chests.” Daniel Alves

“I went in the press conference singing Oasis because that’s what I fantasised doing if I became an Olympic champion. I dreamt of going in signing, letting myself go a little. At the hotel, during the celebrations, we’re going to film it.” Brazil coach Andre Jardine

“I love this kid. He just has to learn to take penalties, because he knows how to do everything else.” Neymar on Richarlison “Before the game we saw [footage] of Cafu lifting the trophy in Yokohama. Beautiful. It was a real inspiration and we’ve managed to win gold here.” Antony “I’m a humble guy from a small city. I’m very proud to win this medal for me and the people. This medal is unbelievably beautiful.” Diego Carlos

“I’ve given up a lot to be here. I’m so, so grateful. Spain have so much quality. The feeling of having this medal… it’s a dream come true. I think back to being a little kid with a big dream. I FaceTimed my son. He’s one. My wife, sister, mother, father were there. It was so emotional." Matheus Cunha

“It’s a unique sensation. I worked hard to get here and I got here. The success was down to the whole squad.” Guilherme Arana