Sunday 02 July 2017, 09:40

Player stats tablets to be tested live at Russia 2017 final

Today’s FIFA Confederations Cup final will see the national teams of Chile and Germany become part of a football technology test.

FIFA will provide the two teams with tablets that will give both squads’ analysts and medical staff access to player statistics and match footage in real time. This FIFA initiative aims to gain greater insight into the potential benefits and challenges of using electronic communication equipment in the technical area. It will be the first time such technology has been tested at a FIFA tournament.

Each team will be offered three tablets: one for the team analyst observing the final from the stand, another for the analyst on the team bench and the third one for the team’s medical staff. The tablets will have access to the match footage delivered with a 30-second delay along with the players’ positioning data collected by an optical tracking system, such as passing, pressing, speed, tackles and other in-game statistics.

The participating teams will be encouraged to provide feedback on the test, including suggestions as to what information should be provided to their team officials via such devices, what issues may arise and what kind of electronic devices should be permitted in the technical area.