Saturday 24 June 2017, 19:27

Osorio: A big victory for Mexican football

Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio could barely conceal his satisfaction after his side qualified for the semi-finals.

Discussing the reasons behind their second comeback win in two games, he said: “One of the biggest things this team has got going for it is its resilience. We know how to keep on going till the very last minute, with determination, passion – always within the spirit of the game – and courage. I’m very happy because the boys have really listened and they’ve given their all.

“We knew we were going to have a really tough game against a very strong side in the host nation, who simply had to go for the win,” added Osorio. “We competed very well and we’re building a team that keeps on showing that it has the ability and determination to give as good as it gets against any side. This is a big victory for Mexican football. I think we deserved to win and we’re delighted with the result and the performance of the team.”

Giving his views on the game, Stanislav Cherchesov was in a positive frame of mind, despite his side’s defeat. “I’d like to congratulate my players because they did the best they could. I don’t think anyone can doubt that they gave it their all on the pitch.

"I’m confident that all the players who’ve taken part in the tournament will draw on the experience to develop and mature. Three quarters of the squad have never played at this level, and with new players coming through all the time I’m optimistic about the future.”

He added: “Obviously I’m not happy with the result, but I think we played better as the tournament went on and I also think we’ve changed the attitude the fans have towards to the team.”