Saturday 17 June 2017, 10:09

FIFA launches innovative new way for fans to show support

Ahead of the opening kick-off at the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017, fans have a unique opportunity to show their support for their favourite team.

Using Facebook’s new augmented reality camera, FIFA is offering fans around the world the chance to add new and innovative 3D face masks to photos and videos.

Available from today, and throughout the tournament, fans can choose masks of the competing teams of the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017, which include Australia, Cameroon, Chile, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal and Russia.

FIFA becomes the first sports organisation in the world to implement Facebook’s augmented reality masks during an international sporting event.

Here’s how you can get your mask today 1. Swipe right on your Facebook newsfeed to open the new Facebook camera

  1. Tap on the magic wand icon to bring up the tray of effects for the camera

  2. Select the mask of your favourite team, and capture an image or video