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Thursday 16 September 2021, 21:03

Majority of fans favour more frequent men’s FIFA World Cups – global survey 

A survey has provided feedback as part of the feasibility study regarding the frequency of the men’s FIFA World Cup. The findings of this initial online survey, conducted in July 2021, will be used as part of a wider consultation process involving fans, which will take place over several phases.   Fifteen thousand respondents were identified as expressing an interest in football and the FIFA World Cup, from a broader market research survey involving 23,000 people in 23 countries, across six confederations, commissioned via IRIS and YouGov, independent industry experts. 

Based on the initial results, the following conclusions can be drawn: 

  • The majority of fans would like to see a more frequent men’s FIFA World Cup; 

  • Of this majority, the preferred frequency is biennial; 

  • There are considerable differences between the so-called traditional markets and the developing football markets; and 

  • Younger generations in all regions are more open and interested in change than older generations.

Survey results — in detail The methodology applied can be accessed here.

An expanded survey, involving over 100,000 people in more than one hundred countries, is currently underway. This survey will be more global in scope, balances elements such as population, geographic diversity, football history and potential, and covers both the frequency of the men and women`s FIFA World Cup, the findings of which will be published in due course.