FIFA Player App

What is it?

FIFA has developed the FIFA Player App, based on input from professional players, in collaboration with FIFPRO, the global representative of professional footballers. The app will give each player the opportunity to access their individual player-performance data shortly after each match. Players at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ will be able to get insights into their on-field performance through the FIFA Player App.

How does it work?

The FIFA Player App will provide the opportunity for each player to access their individual player-performance data shortly after each match. The data collected includes the following:

  • Enhanced football data metrics – calculated using enhanced event data, captured by a team of highly trained FIFA football performance analysts and combined with tracking data. Examples include whether a player made an offer or movement to receive, whether their distribution action broke opposition lines, and the pressure they applied to an opponent in possession of the ball. All metrics are captured against the FIFA Football Language definitions.

  • Physical performance metrics – collected through a highly accurate in-stadium tracking system consisting of multiple cameras located around the pitch for maximum player coverage. Metrics include distance covered at various speed thresholds, number of actions above certain thresholds and maximum speed, all displayed on positional heat maps.

  • Enhanced Football Intelligence metrics – created by the FIFA Football Performance Analysis & Insights team by developing a series of algorithms and models that operate live to integrate event and tracking data. The new metrics provide innovative and exciting ways to analyse the game, including the phase of play, line-breaking events, receiving locations and pressure applied to the player in possession of the ball.

This data is synchronised with match footage to enable players to watch all key moments of their own performance in detail, using different camera angles. Additionally, multiple action photographs taken during key moments of each FIFA World Cup™ match will be made available to each individual player. The data collected includes the following: enhanced football data metrics, physical performance metrics and enhanced football intelligence metrics.

How was it tested?

The FIFA Player App was successfully trialled with players from different teams at the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™, successfully used at the FIFA Woeld Cup 2022™and will be presented to the FIFA Women's World Cup participating teams during the Team Workshop.


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Last updated: Monday, 17 July 2023 at 16:57