Wednesday 13 March 2019, 18:21

Soccer in the Streets: Making opportunities for Atlanta's inner-city youth

  • Soccer in the Streets' mission is to use soccer for social change

  • The organisation works to provide better access to quality soccer programmes

  • They utilise funds from the FIFA Foundation for their projects

For many years the highest level and most organised settings to play football in the USA were in the suburbs of major cities. Access to high-quality pitches and training environments belonged to the middle and upper classes. Soccer in the Streets is changing that.

Founded in Atlanta in 1989, the organisation is based on the desire to empower youth through the sport of football, but also to give them life-long lessons to equip them to be leaders among their own generation.

Most recently, Soccer in the Streets has gained global attention for its StationSoccer initiative, where it works with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), the city authorities, Atlanta United Foundation and other organisations to build high-quality turf pitches in and around transit stations; an innovation that is transforming the city.

The organisation is a fixture in the burgeoning Atlanta soccer community, placing itself at an exciting juncture to be an important part of positive football development for youth across the country.

Soccer in the Streets is just one of many organisations supported by the FIFA Foundation Community Programme.​

Graphic created and designed by Sarah Lawrence