Saturday 10 February 2018, 08:15

The Week in Quotes

“You can be a millionaire and your neighbour is a billionaire and you are not happy only because you live in the wrong neighbourhood. Maybe you want to move your house to where there is no billionaire and then you are the king of the road. Please, I cannot be like this.” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaks with the Mail on Sunday about not comparing his club with others

“I don’t think many people have realised who Alisson is. This guy is a phenomenon. He is the number one of number ones. He is the Messi of goalkeepers, because he has the same mentality as Messi. He is a goalkeeper who can mark an era. The way he behaves in the goal, he reminds me of Dino Zoff. I’d also compare him to Michel Preud'homme, who had the class of someone born to be a goalkeeper.” Former Roma goalkeeping coach Roberto Negrisolo speaks with Il Romanista about Brazil goalkeeper Alisson

Celtic pay tribute to former midfielder Liam Miller, who passed away on Friday at the age of 36 following a battle with pancreatic cancer

"It's an incredible feeling when you look across the dressing room and see Andres, Leo, Luis and Sergio Busquets, and everyone else. They are players I used to watch on TV or play with on PlayStation and now I am sharing the same dressing room, it's incredible for me." Philippe Coutinho on playing for Barcelona in an interview with La Liga World

"It would have been wonderful to go to the World Cup, no doubt about that, and this contract will give me the opportunity to have another go at that." Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill speaking to BBC Sport after signing a four-year contract extension on Friday

“Yesterday I went out to work on my body a bit. I went down to the gym and worked out for an hour and a half or two. I took it easy, put on some good music. Then I had some food, went back to the hotel and binge watched two Paderborn games. That was my Sunday pleasure. So I’m already looking forward to having a day off again.” 72-year-old Bayern Munich head coach Jupp Heynckes on how he likes to spend a day off

“I remember the first time we played against Arsenal … and even back then, I had a chip on my shoulder. It might sound ridiculous — I was only eight when they let me go — but every time we played them, I thought, 'Alright, we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.'" Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane writes about how far back the North London derby goes for him, in the Players’ Tribune

“I wouldn’t buy a ticket to watch a player like me. I would always buy a ticket to watch Jadon Sancho beating two players.” Borussia Dortmund midfielder Nuri Sahin speaks with The Guardian about team-mate Jadon Sancho

"(The manager) just said go and have a month off. I made my mind up in the end, I wasn't enjoying it, I just wanted to quit. I moved back in with mum and dad and my dad went 'you're not sitting around, mate. If you want to be in the real world, you've got to come in the real world.' My dad thinks I'm the luckiest person in the world to have the job I've got and he went 'get on the building site.' Within three weeks, I was back at football. It made me realise I'm so lucky to be where I've got to. Don't be chucking that away for an illness." In a revealing interview with the BBC, Accrington Stanley striker Billy Kee spoke about his battles with severe anxiety and depression ​

On the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, players and supporters of Manchester United recite a poem in remembrance of the tragic events that took place on 6 February 1958

"He was lucky I didn't take him off again, he only brought one pair of boots with him from England and he was sliding around all over the pitch!" RB Leipzig coach Ralph Hasenhuttl speaking after new loan signing Ademola Lookman scored on his debut with the German Bundesliga club. A FIFA U-20 World Cup winner with England in 2017, the Everton youngster came off the substitutes' bench to score the winning goal for his new club at Borussia Monchengladbach on Saturday

"It's incredible [working with Buffon], I arrived here knowing that he was into his last year or two and I told myself it was an experience that could only come around once in a lifetime. I expected to meet an outstanding goalkeeper, but he's also an incredible man. Buffon is the big leader of the team, a great friend for everybody. He's a person we all love. He helps everybody and everybody helps him. He's an amazing person, and I don't need to say anything about him as a goalkeeper because we all know everything. It's a fantastic life experience and I hope that he can carry on [playing], but only for another year!" In a conversation with Sky Sports Italia, Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny reveals the unique experience of working alongside legendary shot-stopper Gianluigi Buffon at the Italian giants

"We are going to be the focus of the world that day. This game will be, calmly, a possible final. The message is that we believe in ourselves, we are prepared to play games like this. It's making us excited to play against [Real] Madrid, winner of three of the last four [UEFA] Champions Leagues. It's a challenge and naturally I'm facing up to it." In an exclusive interview with MARCA, Paris Saint-Germain coach Unai Emery is relishing the prospect of facing Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16

“The Patrice Evra of Manchester United is done. Now is a new challenge, which is Patrice Evra playing for West Ham. People say, ‘Why are you still playing when you have nothing to prove?’ But every day you wake up, you have something to prove to yourself. When I was working on my own, not one time was I ever thinking about retirement. Every day, I was going to training with a lot of anger. In life, nobody gave me anything for free, so that’s why I know I have to work hard. I will bring my winning mentality in every game. Even in training and in the gym, you have to have that mentality. For me, winning is something normal. I will do my best to bring to my team-mates that mentality.” Speaking to the club's official website, Patrice Evra reveals his delight at returning to the English Premier League with West Ham United