Thursday 31 May 2018, 05:30

The trophy

FIFA commissioned the design of a new platinum-coated trophy to honour The Best at the inaugural The Best FIFA Football Awards™. The trophy, with identical versions for both men’s and women’s players and coaches, has a shape which resembles the iconic FIFA World Cup™ Trophy, an homage to tradition with a contemporary, dynamic design. The new trophy took shape thanks to Croatian artist Ana Barbic Katicic’s designs.

"The inspiration behind the design of this trophy is to honour the best players in the world for FIFA," Katic explained. "We shared the same beliefs that we should not deviate from classical conventions and to respect the familiar and well-known FIFA identity."

The design, with the ball used in the first World Cup Final played between Uruguay and Argentina in 1930 sitting atop the sleek body, was made into reality by Adon Production AG, a company based just outside Zurich. The trophy - which at 310mm and weighs a substantial 6.4kg - consists of five parts: the bottom, the base, a carbon piece over the base, the body and the ball. The latter part was created using some cutting edge technology, utilised in the aerospace industry and Formula 1.

"The ball on the top of the trophy represents the history of football and the history of FIFA too," FIFA's Deputy Secretary General of Football Zvonimir Boban said. "I believe this is beautiful storytelling, it shows respect for the traditions of football, while maintaining a modern look. This makes it a purely postmodern trophy."