Wednesday 26 December 2018, 11:05

The stories of our commentators, hosts and experts

  • Buckley & Smith, Chu Morah, Spencer Owen and Chang & Shen

  • From university, jobs and YouTube to the broadcast team for the FIFA eWorld Cup™

  • The stories of our commentators, hosts and experts

As part of the #FIFAisLimitless campaign, we are giving you an insight into the stories and different paths taken by several members of our broadcast team:

Spencer 'SpencerFC' Owen - YouTube star turned commentator, host and club founder

Spencer Owen runs the popular SpencerFC YouTube channel with numerous clips from eSports and FIFA. After uploading football matches with his friends to YouTube about three years ago, he decided to set up Hashtag United – a combination of a real-life and virtual football team. The English club currently has five eFootball players on its books as well as a real-life team that currently plays ten divisions below the Premier League.

Spencer Owen was the eSports expert at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 before hosting the FIFA eWorld Cup the following year. He recently featured as part of the Eleven Sports broadcast team for El Clasico.

Richard Buckley & Brandon Smith – from university eSports league to the FIFA eWorld Cup

Brandon Smith began commentating for his university’s FIFA Online league during his studies. Richard Buckley joined the team later that year to form a commentator duo.

The pair went on to win the EA Commentators Cup and take part in the FUT Champions Final in Berlin before becoming a regular fixture in the Global Series. They have commentated on several major events including the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, which was another career highlight for both of them. “Commentating on the second leg of this year’s Final Showdown was something very special for us,” said Brandon Smith in an interview after the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018.

Chu 'ChuBoi' Morah – from Community Manager to YouTuber and eFootball expert

In 2012 Chu Morah was Community Manager for EA Sports in Canada. After four years he decided to make his dream a reality and make YouTube videos and streams independently. He went on to work at the FUT Championship Series and later joined the FeWC broadcast team.

“When I had my first event in Paris in 2017 all I could think about was the FIWC Grand Final,” he told us in an interview. “I’d watched the Grand Final a year earlier and was desperate to be involved in it.”

Nan ‘VincentCN’ Cheng & Rongjie ‘LOT29’ Shen – professional eFootball players turned commentators

Rongjie Shen’s friends introduced him to FIFA in 2007. He soon became a professional eFootball player and took part in regional events. After some initial disappointment he continued to improve and was one of the three best Chinese FIFA players between 2012 and 2014. He then moved to the commentary box and went on to work alongside Nan Cheng at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018.

Nan ‘VincentCN’ Cheng & Rongjie ‘LOT29’ Shen

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