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The Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) Tokyo, Japan

The Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) serves as a central institute of sports medicine and science research. Our team of specialists including researchers and medical practitioners uses state-of-the-art facilities, instruments, and machinery to provide support for building stronger Japanese athletes.

Our Department of Sports Science, Medical Centre, and Department of Administration coordinate with one another to implement the programmes shown above.

In sports clinic programmes, specialists in competitive sports provide treatment for sports injuries, disabilities, and illnesses; athletic rehabilitation; psychological counselling; and nutritional counselling. By offering treatment by specialists at every step, JISS enables athletes to recover from illnesses and injuries and return to the field of competition as quickly as possible.

The Clinic covers PCMA, the branches of internal medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, and gynaecology. It also offers support through collaboration with external medical institutes.

Juntendo Hospital Juntendo Hospital was first established in 1838 as the first medical school in Japan to adopt western medicine.

Juntendo Hospital is the first Japanese university main hospital to receive accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is an American not-for-profit organisation that accredits and certifies healthcare facilities by assessing safety and quality care standards around the world.

Juntendo University plays an integral role in the shaping of Japanese medical education and practices. Along the way the focus of the institution has also expanded – now consisting of four undergraduate programmes and three graduate programmes, the university specialises in the fields of health and sports science and nursing healthcare and sciences, as well as medicine.

Roles of Juntendo Hospital as FMCE in Tokyo are: surgery for sports injuries including non-elite athletes, care for cardiac disorders and a post-graduate programme.

Facts The Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) and Juntendo Hospital: Established 1991 Accredited FMCE since March 2013 All aspects of Sports Medicine & Science JISS: 287 associates, 55 doctors, 42 physiotherapists, 61 scientists and researchers Juntendo Hospital: 9,053 associates, 750 doctors, 31 physiotherapists, 119 scientists and researchers www.jpnsport.go.jp www.juntendo.ac.jp

Dr. Michiko Dohi Director/Head of FMCE First contact person at the FMCE The Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS), 3-15-1, Nishigaoka Kita-ku, Tokio 115-0056, Japan Tel.: +81 3 5963 0200 Mobile: +81 90 9952 5790 michiko.dohi@jpnsport.go.jp