Monday 14 May 2018, 11:53

The Best of...

  • We asked some of world football's biggest names to name The Best...

  • Some of their answers may surprise you!

  • The Best FIFA Football Awards return to London on 24 September 2018

What's The Best thing about being Diego Maradona? How about The Best ever FIFA World Cup™ match, according to Zinedine Zidane? Or The Best opponent Dani Alves has ever faced?

As part of our exclusive access to interviews with some of football's biggest superstars at previous editions of The Best FIFA Football Awards™, we put some quickfire questions to them about The Best of certain subjects.

Sit back and see how these huge names from the world of football answered some tricky questions.

Diego Maradona

Q: The Best you have played with? A: Careca


Q: The Best goal of your career? A: It's always the next one. The one that's still to come.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Q: The Best song to motivate yourself? A: I don't have one song, but I have lots of songs. I like happy music a lot. Reggaeton!

Carli Lloyd

Q: The Best opponent you've faced? A: Probably going to have to go with Formiga. She doesn't get all the limelight, but does her job perfectly and is one heck of a player.

Zinedine Zidane

Q: The Best advice you ever received? A: Perhaps the advice my dad gave to me: to work hard. It's the best advice because without work, we can't do anything. We can have nothing, that's for sure

Dani Alves

Q: The Best player of all time? A: I choose Messi because I have seen him play. I've heard great things about other players but if I can't see, I can't judge.

  • David Trezeguet

  • Antoine Griezmann

  • Gabriel Batistuta

  • Silvia Neid

  • Claudio Ranieri