Thursday 19 July 2018, 08:40

Grand Final player to watch: Ivan 'Boras' Lapanje

Despite playing well throughout the 2016 Grand Final, Sweden's Ivan Lapanje was knocked out in the semi-finals by eventual champion Mohamed Al-Bacha.

However, having gained in experience since then, 'Boras' is eager to crown a successful 2018 with a title. We take a closer look at our second player to watch:


  • Has over seven years of experience on the competitive FIFA circuit

  • Grand Finalist in 2016 and 2018

  • One of the best defensive players in the play-offs (averaging just 1.72 goals conceded per game)

In brief Having played his first ever FIFA game at the age of six in 1998, 'Boras' started out earlier than any other player at the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018. In 2010 he became a professional and made his debut on the competitive FIFA circuit.

Alongside 2014 champion 'Agge' and FIFA eWorld Cup newcomer 'dreamR', Lapanje is the third player contracted to Hashtag United at the Grand Final.

FIFA eClub World Cup

Road to the Grand Final 'Boras' qualified for the playoffs in Amsterdam at the TropSe Masters as Nordic Champion 2018.

He booked his ticket to London in one of the most exciting games of the tournament after beating Italy's 'IcePrinsipe' in extra time of the second leg.

His chances at the Grand Final 'Boras' will face, among others, title favourites 'deto' and 'nicolas99fc' in the group stage. If he can progress from such a strong pool, his experience could prove telling in the knockout rounds and help him earn a shot at glory.

His views on the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final: Strongest opponent in his group: "I respect all of my group opponents equally."

Best attacking player: 'Gorilla'

Best defensive player: 'nicolas99fc'

Most underrated player: 'AndoniiPM'

Motto: "Balance is the key."

Who will win the Grand Final? "If it's not me then hopefully 'Agge'."