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Stellenbosch University, Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine, South Africa

Through the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine and partnering institutions, a world-class multidisciplinary service is offered to athletes. These services include:

  1. A complete suite of sports and exercise medicine services available in primary care sports medicine provided by Campus Health Sports Physicians and Sports Medicine @ Stellenbosch and Virtus Sports Medicine in the Cape Town city area.

  • Medical assessment of athletes (all levels, including elite and recreational) – periodic health assessments, pre-season and/or pre-competition

  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of exercise-related injuries

  • Concussion clinic

  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions that can arise from participation in physical exercise

  • Rehabilitation of patients with exercise-related injuries, including post-operative rehabilitation

  • Screening and medical care (including emergency medical care) to Maties Sport athletes

  • Medical care for athletes participating in local, regional, national and international sports events and preparation camps. These services are provided in partnership with the organising committees of these events

  1. Radiology services including 3T-MRI, high-resolution ultrasound, CT and X-ray facilities, including interventional radiological services available at Winelands Radiology.

  2. A full emergency sports medicine on-field and field-side service, provided by the sports physicians at CHS.

  3. Orthopaedic services provided and conducted through a network of orthopaedic surgeons at the Mediclinic Hospital and surrounding private hospitals as well as at Tygerberg Hospital.

  4. Physiotherapy, strength, conditioning and rehabilitation services provided by physiotherapists at CHS, the Dept of Physiotherapy at Stellenbosch as well as a network of private practices in the area.

  5. The Centre for Human Performance Sciences provides an integrated medicine and science approach to the performance management of high-performance athletes, including pre-participation screening and periodic physical assessments of progress achieved through training.

  6. The centre utilises sport technology to implement a comprehensive fatigue monitoring and management system for high-performance athletes (including GPS and digital performance analysis).

  7. The centre also provides a community interaction platform for the presentation of coach and player education based on the “FIFA 11+” and the “FIFA 11 for Health” programmes.

  8. Laboratory-based research is conducted at the Department of Sport Science and the FNB Biomechanics of Movement Laboratory and the stipulated clinical facilities throughout the campuses of Stellenbosch University.

  9. Athlete accommodation is available both within the university town and at the nearby Stellenbosch Academy of Sport, where nutritional, psychological and sports vision training services are available.

Facts Accredited FMCE since March 2016 All aspects of sports medicine relating to football, including musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions 6 clinical staff, 5 research staff, 3 physiotherapists, 5 high-performance staff, 1 administrative support staff Peer-reviewed publications: 170 www.isem.com

Your contact(s) at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Bruges:

Prof. Wayne Derman, MD Director/Head of FMCE Stellenbosch University, Francie van Zijl Drive, Tygerberg, 7505 Cape Town, South Africa Tel.: +27 21 938 9827 Mobile: +27 83 454 3784 ewderman@iafrica.com

Lindi Deck First contact of the FMCE Stellenbosch University, Francie van Zijl Drive, Tygerberg, 7505 Cape Town, South Africa Tel.: +27 21 938 9801 lmdeck@sun.ac.za