Friday 26 August 2016, 10:56

SEP 2016

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEFootball is all about solidarity and fair play. Says FIFA President Gianni Infantino: “FIFA is evolving, launching more and more initiatives to develop football all over the world, leaving no stone unturned in our work to help bring projects to life, to support our member associations, and to come up with ever more ideas for the game and all of those who hold it so dear.”

FOOTBALL AND SOCIETY For the first time, FIFA is set to honour an organisation for its commitment to diversity. What is the Diversity Award all about?

WOMEN’S FOOTBALL Trophy Experience in Jordan – Janine van Wyk on her work with South African youngsters.

FIFA/COCA-COLA WORLD RANKINGKazakhstan are on an unbeaten run stretching back to October 2015, and they are now higher than ever (96th).

OLYMPIC FOOTBALL Two fantastic tournaments that were jam-packed with thrills and spills. Rio 2016 also saw the introduction of a fourth substitution in extra time.

FUTSAL Brazilian superstar Falcão ahead of his fifth and final FIFA Futsal World Cup in Colombia.

HISTORY 1930s star Larbi Ben Barek helped to define the role of the modern playmaker.

EUROPEAN LEAGUES UNDER WAY We cast a glance over all that has happened in England and Germany, and take a look at some record-breaking transfers.

INTERVIEW Goalkeeping legend Jean-Marie Pfaff on the Belgian national team, the genius of Manuel Neuer, and the cult TV show “De Pfaffs”.


The special “Brazil 2014 Revisited” exhibition will stir up some strong emotions.

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