Wednesday 12 September 2018, 09:39

Ronaldo, in the words of others

  • Ronaldo is vying with Modric & Salah for The Best FIFA Men’s Player 2018

  • Maradona, Zidane, Virat Kohli and Lebron James hailed the Portuguese

  • CR7 gets compared to another ‘King’ and a tennis titan

"Ronaldo can now leave Earth and play with Martians. He has done everything here." Alvaro Arbeloa on Twitter following Ronaldo’s FIFA Puskás Award contender goal against Juventus

"Cristiano lacks nothing. I’m a tennis fanatic. Cristiano is like [Rafa] Nadal, a fantastic athlete built not only on talent, but also hard work and desire. He has these gifts from Mother Nature. The insane physique, but also his mentality, the consistency of his training, his professionalism – all the things I hated. He’s only 33 years old in the registry office – he looks after his physique maniacally. He'll remain in history, forever, as one of the greats." Antonio Cassano speaking with Vanity Fair

"I was definitely better! (laughs) You know what I think: Cristiano is miles better, but I didn’t have a bad career either. Ronaldo is the best player of his generation – by a long way." Zinedine Zidane responds to being asked who was the better player between he and Ronaldo

"Great skill gets you so far, but there have been many players like that. Think of Rivaldo, Figo, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Ronaldinho. They were phenomenal, but they were contesting to be the best in the world for only two or three years. Cristiano has been in the discussion every year for a decade. He gets 50 goals a season time and again. Having Lionel Messi around at the same time means he’s been pushed to even greater heights. Muhammad Ali needed Joe Frazier, Federer needed Nadal, Larry Bird needed Magic Johnson. You never spoke about one without mentioning the other.” Rio Ferdinand speaking with The Sun

"It is just not human what he is doing. The stats are something, but just the intensity that he has in his game. His motivation is huge – his face is completely red after the game! (laughs) He represents all his clubs and his country well. He is a very handsome guy as well, so he has it all! I would say that there is no equivalent." Louis Saha to Goal

"He scores more goals in games than I do in training." Sandro Wagner, who scored five goals in eight games for Germany, to reporters ahead of Bayern Munich’s showdown with Real Madrid

"He’s a wonderful player. When the team needs him, he shows up. After 'El Flaco' Cruyff, there haven’t been many players with that quality." Diego Maradona

"He has every right to feel he is [the greatest footballer of all time]. He’s achieved fantastic things. In terms of statistics, he really is above the great legends of world football." Ronaldo, the former Brazil striker, speaking at a charity event

"In front of goal, he's like a machine. There is a no more complete striker than Ronaldo. Left foot, right foot, head – he is in perfect control of everything he does." Jerome Boateng to Kicker

"He's the best player in the world. He's a working monster. He arrives first and leaves last. He's working and working. I’ve never seen anything like it." Blaise Matuidi to Telefoot

"Having scored nine consecutive goals in the competition, to score your tenth in a game like that in the way he did… the bicycle-kick was just out of this world. The height he kicked it at was unbelievable. He came [to Manchester United] as a young lad, but he knew what he wanted to become and he also said it: ‘I want to be the best player in the world’. At the beginning you think, ‘OK, he’s a young lad, keep dreaming’. But the work-rate and talent he's combining has made him achieve his goals, and he's still going strong.” Ruud van Nistelrooy to on Ronaldo breaking his record of scoring for scoring in successive UEFA Champions League matches

"Cristiano is the best player in the world. I didn’t see Maradona or Pele play [live], but what I know is that no-one compares to Cristiano." Marcelo to reporters after Ronaldo scored twice in Real Madrid’s 5-0 win over Sevilla in December

"Self belief, determination, courage and pure passion. The G.O.A.T. @cristiano". Virat Kohli, the cricket mega-star, on Instagram