Friday 06 September 2019, 01:52

Rapinoe, in the words of others

  • Megan Rapinoe won the adidas Golden Ball and adidas Golden Boot at France 2019

  • She is striving with Lucy Bronze and Alex Morgan for The Best FIFA Women’s Player

  • spotlights the Rapinoe salutes over the past year

“Megan is someone from day one that I have really admired. I remember in my first SheBelieves Cup when a ball bounced on the touchline, I went to catch the ball and her studs came right through my watch – and she’s not repaid me yet for that watch! What I like about it is she didn’t say sorry, she just got on with it. She’s a winner. I like the individuality, both on and off the field, and I think she’s a world-class footballer.” Phil Neville

“With Rapinoe it's not just one skill or ability to score, but her ability to create space and open things up and deliver service for team-mates. As defensive backs, how do you cover for that?” Mia Hamm

“She took this team on her back, showed that she is one of the best players in the world. She’s a great representation of what this country is all about – togetherness and fight and having that mentality of winning.” Ali Krieger

“When Rapinoe’s good, she’s really good. She’s unpredictable too. She made the difference in big games at the World Cup.” Pia Sundhage

“Megan steps up when the spotlight is brightest. She did it once again at the World Cup. She’s making big plays. She’s getting people to love the game.” Heather O’Reilly

“In this tournament it’s been all about how she’s been able to lead this team. The way that she elevated [herself] in those big moments. How many players can’t handle the pressure? There are lots of great players that struggle in the big moments. She didn’t.” Kate Markgraf

“She’s fantastic. She steps up with critical goals, winning goals. We’re lucky to have her on our team.” Tobin Heath

“She deserves every ounce of this stardom that she is getting. She is special. She is an amazing team-mate, an amazing person, and I’m truly honoured to share the field with her. I just love her so much.” Allie Long

“She hit her stride in this tournament, in terms of striking the right tone on the leadership side. And she scored six goals, three assists, wins the Golden Boot, and the World Cup on top of it – that’s one hell of a month. The pressure moments, she giggles through [them], she laughs, she smiles. Nothing fazes her. She’s owning her awesome in a way that really permeates across the team.” Julie Foudy

“She’s just a big personality, both on and off the pitch. And I think she honestly thrives in these moments. Even when we had young players come in, I always said ask Megan about big moments because there’s a never-say-die attitude. She just loves and lives for those moments.” Jill Ellis following the France 2019 quarter-final

“I love playing against the best players in the world, I love a challenge. I remember a couple of years ago, I had a list of names of players I wanted to play against – your Martas, your Kelly Smiths, and Rapinoe was definitely on there. It was two years ago. She’s still up there with the best.” Lucy Bronze

“A World Cup is about coming up in big moments. That’s what she does. It’s such an honour to be her team-mate.” Sam Mewis